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StudyMEDIC and the European Board & College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (EBCOG) have signed an agreement of global business partnership for promoting the EFOG Courses. This is the first ever partnership of EBCOG with any companies across the globe for their EFOG – EBCOG Courses. Ever since its inception, StudyMEDIC has been known for its uncompromising commitment to offer quality medical education and impeccable mentoring. The EBCOG committee evaluated the reliability, quality of courses and course products, excellence of education facilities, etc. before finalizing StudyMEDIC as their Exclusive Business Partner for EFOG-EBCOG Courses. With this partnership which is valid for next five years, EFOG aspirants can enjoy mentoring and guidance from experienced EBCOG Professors as well as eminent mentors of StudyEFOG. Learn More

EFOG Part 1: 2 Days Pre-Exam Course

Following the terms of partnership, StudyEFOG and EBCOG will jointly launch EFOG –EBCOG courses to help the aspirants to prepare for the exam. The first course will be a ‘Two Days Pre-Exam Course’ for EFOG Part 1. The course will be a wholly virtual course and aspirants from across the globe can participate and prepare well for the Exam. The course will be collectively led by EBCOG Professors and StudyEFOG mentors.


2 Days

Course Dates

8, 9 April 2022

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Experience the New Era of Digital Learning

With StudyMEDIC digital platforms, students can experience a new digital excellence of medical education. StudyMEDIC Mobile app makes learning simpler, easier and quicker. The mobile learning app helps medical aspirants access the entire course syllabus and study materials at their fingertips.

StudyMEDIC Learning Management System (LMS), one of its kind digital learning platform, provides the best learning experience to the students. The LMS is loaded with most advanced and students-friendly features like flagging, reporting, my class and so on. You can also access StudyMEDIC e-books and StudyMEDIC e-courses which also provide a new learning experience.

Our Faculty

The panel of faculty will be collectively formed with professors from EBCOG and mentors from StudyEFOG. This will help EFOG-EBCOG exam aspirants to enjoy mentorship and guidance from the world’s best panel of faculties and experts. For the first EFOG -EBCOG pre exam course which is a ‘Two Days Crash Course’, EBCOG Professors Dr. Sambit Mukhopadhyay, Prof. Charles Savona Ventura, Prof. Ioannis Messinis, Dr. Nicholas Felice, and Dr Tahir Mahmood will cover majority of the syllabus and topics.

From the StudyEFOG side, Course Director Dr. Sowmya NS who is one of the most celebrated OB GYN mentors and an expert with 5+ years and 2500+ hours of mentoring experience; and mentors Dr. Chitra Diwan, Dr. Namrata Kumar and Dr. Viktor Ivan will form the Board of Faculties. Having mock exams, detailed feedback discussions, most advanced study materials and more; the pre-exam course remains the best and ideal option for aspirants to get a clear idea of the real EFOG –EBCOG exam.


In case of further questions please contact info@studymedic.com or support@studymedic.com