EFOG -EBCOG Part 2 OSCE – 3 Months Course

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StudyMEDIC – The Only Accredited Global Partner of EBCOG for EFOG-EBCOG Courses has designed the ‘Three Months Course’ for EFOG -EBCOG Part 2 OSCE with a view to help students understand all the concepts well and thereby clear the exam with ease.

Very systematically designed by an expert panel of StudyEFOG mentors with ample teaching and mentoring experience, the course remains one of the most preferred choices for EFOG-EBCOG Part 2 OSCE aspirants. With our course, students will enjoy dedicated mentoring and guidance, access to session recordings and lots more attractive and learning –oriented features.

Course Features

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01 July 23

4 Months Course




01 August 23

3 Months Course



Our Course Library Features

  • Extensive Course Library with LMS Integration
  • Case Templates covering all modules.
  • Case templates podcasts specially design by our finest mentors.
  • PIL Summaries designed by our Mentor from NHS U.K
  • PIL Podcasts designed by our Mentor from NHS U.K
  • Exam Essentials
  • Preparatory Videos – Exam Oriented videos covering the critical and important learning aspect.
  • Session Recordings and Presentations

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