EFOG Part 1 : 2 Days Pre-Exam Course Free Orientation

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European Board and College of Obstetrics & Gynaecology –EBCOG, and StudyEFOG –the Sole Global Business Partner for EFOG –EBCOG Courses, are arranging an orientation session for the EFOG -EBCOG Part 1 aspirants who are taking the Exam in May 2022. The session will discuss the advantages of ‘Two Days Crash Course’ which is scheduled on 8th and 9th of April 2022.

Free Orientation – EFOG Part 1 – 2 Days Pre Exam Course

Benefits of this Orientation

  • Facilitated by the EBCOG and StudyEFOG Faculties
  • Gather more knowledge on the EFOG Part 1 – 2 Days Pre Exam course design from EBCOG Professors.
  • Understand more about EFOG – EBCOG Courses and its benefits.
  • Ask your query, EBCOG and StudyEFOG faculties will guide you.
  • Get Exclusive Surprise Discounts for session attendees.


EFOG Part 1 : 2 Days Pre-Exam Course

FIRST TIME EVER… EBCOG and StudyEFOG launch a complete exam oriented 2 Day course for EFOG Part 1 exclusively for May 2022 diet. EBCOG professors coming online with detailed sessions and presentations along with exclusive programs by StudyEFOG mentors.

  • Course Date : 08 Apr & 09 Apr 2022 (8 Hours/Day Session)
  • Delivery Mode : Online
  • EBCOG approved course design
  • Facilitated by EBCOG and StudyEFOG faculties.
  • Post Lecture Study group Support.

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