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EFOG EBCOG Part 2 OSCE Regular Course


Duration:3 Months
Course Starting Date :29 July 2024
The EFOG EBCOG Part 2 OSCE Regular Course is a comprehensive and well-
crafted preparatory program designed for aspirants gearing up for the
upcoming EFOG EBCOG Part 2 OSCE examination. Designed by an eminent
panel of EFOG and EBCOG experts, the course covers all important obstetrics
and gynaecology concepts, enhances your clinical and communication skills,
and makes sure you are equipped to grab the Premier OBG membership in
Features of EFOG EBCOG Part 2 OSCE Regular Course

  • Engage in live interactive sessions led by a global team of 15+ EFOG qualified mentors.
  • Course designed by an expert panel of EBCOG and StudyMEDIC faculties following EFOG EBCOG Part 2 OSCE exam curriculum.
  • Access to full session recordings and session presentations until the date of exam.
  • Opportunity to practice stations through StudyMEDIC OSCE App replicating EFOG-EBCOG Part 2 OSCE format
  • Utilise StudyMEDIC Learning Management System, organized by module-wise topics, ensuring ease of navigation and comprehension.
  • Prep with Question Banks, Prep Videos, Podcasts, Flashcards, and Guideline summaries of ESHRE, TOG, BASHH,ESOG,FSRH, NICE, and more.
  • Assess progress with regular mock exams: Pre-Assessment, Monthly, Mega,and Exam Essential mocks
  • Participate in daily study group activities guided by mentors
  • Get personalised feedback and support from mentors for improved learning experience.
  • Access an exclusive revision module featuring high-yield and challenging cases with detailed discussions.
  • Enjoy enhanced learning on-the-go through the StudyMEDIC Mobile App,providing access anytime, anywhere.
  • Engage in motivation and de-stress sessions.
  • 24/7 webchat integration for continuous support and assistance.


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