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StudyEFOG creates an exclusive learning environment for EFOG Part 1 aspirants with an unmatched course library experience and limitless course products. StudyEFOG provided the exclusive structured course curriculum with the support of reputed mentors and customized learning management system. Eradicating a conventional study pattern and creating an innovative platform with course library, performance tracking, study groups and 24/7 mentors’ supervision makes our course unique and best. Reinventing a new learning system with quality and stress-free approach.


EFOG Part 1 – 3 Months Course

EFOG Part 1 – Regular Course

  • Live Classes with full access to session recordings
  • Extensive Course Library Support
  • Private Study Group support with daily Homework programs
  • Motivation and Destress Sessions


EFOG-EBCOG Part 1 – 4 Months Course

EFOG Part 1 – Comprehensive Course

  • Access to module-wise question bank.
  • Exclusive preparatory videos.
  • Exclusive study group support for the students.
  • Extensive course library support.

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