Prepare with Experts, Revise with Advanced Courses, Clear EFOG- EBCOG Part 1 in One Go!

  • BY Anitta Verghese - 05th Aug 2023

Prepare with Experts, Revise with Advanced Courses, Clear EFOG- EBCOG Part 1 in One Go!

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As the EFOG-EBCOG Part 1 Exam is fast approaching, it’s high time for an extensive preparation. As always, StudyMEDIC – THE SOLE ACCREDITED ACADEMIC PARTNER OF EBCOG FOR EFOG COURSES, is here to help you ease your exam preparation.

Two Days Pre-Exam Course

Jointly conducted by EBCOG & StudyMEDIC!

The Two Days Pre-Exam Course, jointly conducted by EBCOG & StudyMEDIC, will help EFOG-EBCOG Part 1 aspirants to have a quick revision and thorough preparation within two days. The course will feature EBCOG faculties and StudyMEDIC mentors. They will guide the students to find success with ease and in a single go.

You can also enjoy a new mode of learning with advanced StudyMEDIC Mobile App and fully-customised Learning Management System (LMS). A wide range of study materials including preparatory videos, audio podcasts, summaries, PILs, other guidelines and more, makes the digital library a one stop resource for any student.

FREE Webinar & An Hour with Expert Series

To further ease the exam preparation, StudyMEDIC and EBCOG come up with a number of FREE Webinars and An Hour with Expert Series.

An Hour With Expert

Prof Jacky Nizard to discuss the topic Pregestational Diabetes And Pregnancy; The Benefits of Dedicated Health Pathways.’  

Date: 08 Aug 2023, Time: 07:30 PM IST (02:00PM GMT)

FREE Webinar: Last Minute Exam Revision Tips?

On 15th of August 2023, StudyMEDIC Co-founder & COO Dr Sowmya NS will lead a session on How to clear the Exam in One Go? The session will cover various topics like-

  • Best exam preparation strategies for students.
  • Useful tips on how to score high in the exam.
  • How to revise most effectively within a short span of time.

StudyMEDIC is the sole accredited academic partner of EBCOG for EFOG courses. Connect with us for the best offers and support for EFOG-EBCOG Part 1 & Part 2 Courses and study materials. WhatsApp Now

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